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Helium Annual Programs

If you are in need of helium on a regular basis... you've come to the right place!  We not only offer the absolute best price on helium in Hawaii, we also have the most unique and best service to go with it.

Depending on your volume, we will set up your business with 1, 2, 3 or  more cylinders of helium and then put you on our scheduling computer... tracking your own individual usage, so we know when you're in need of a refill.  Upon return to your establishment for replenishment, we will change your empty cylinders for full ones, reset your regulators and rotate your stock!  And if your needs are on a smaller volume, we will return to check your cylinder, replace it with a new one, and purchase back any unused helium left in the old cylinder. Either way, you are virtually guaranteed to always have a good stock of helium for all of your ballooning needs.

And if for some reason you used more than your "regular" amount of helium during your regularly cycled period of time... a simple phone call will get you back on-line within 48 hours... usually the same day!

And we have all of your balloon accessory needs as well..... latex and mylar balloons, clips, string, ribbon, cup and ribbon and tank safety stands. We also do on the spot regulator repairs or replacements as neccesary.

Click here for a complete pricing schedule, or call Jamie at 524-2600 for a custom quote for your particular needs.