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If you can design it, we can incorporate it!

Custom Printed 36-inch Latex Balloon
Custom Printed 36" Latex Balloon

When chosing your size and quantity of custom printed balloons, several factors come into play. What are you using your balloons for -- a Grand Opening give-away? Decorating a corporate event? A tradeshow that lasts several days? How many balloons do you plan on using for this party... or in the future?

Balloons for corporate useage come in several sizes from 5" to 5' diameter. 5" balloons filled with air are great 3-dimensional business cards or table centerpieces. 9" helium filled balloons are great for Grand Opening giveaways. 11" and 16" are great eye catchers for decorating, and 3', 4' and 5' balloons are great outdoor balloons to mark your special event... or to last for several days at an indoor trade show. For a longer lasting image, try custom printing micro-foil mylar balloons in almost any size or custom shape imaginable, and with from 1 color to full color process! Mylar balloons float for weeks and can be re-inflated months or even years later!

Want to get creative with custom artwork, but don't need 500 balloons for THIS party? Consider designing something that doesn't have a date or isn't specific to a particular event (i.e. print the corporate name, but not the name of the event on side of the balloon, and then custom print the other side, as you need them, with that event's name or specifics)... store the unused balloons and use them for a party or event later down the road. Properly stored latex balloons will last 2-3 years, mylars will last forever!

Check out our printing prices, or call Jamie for a custom quote at 808-524-2600.