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If you can design it, we can personalize it!

When chosing your size and quantity of custom printed balloons, several factors come into play. What are you using your balloons for -- a giveaway or decorating a party? How many balloons do you plan on using for this party.... or in the future?

Balloons for personal party useage usually come in 2 different sizes -- 9" and 11". These are the 2 most popular sizes of balloons that will float with helium and they each have advantages and disadvantages.

A 9" balloon uses HALF the amount of helium that an 11" balloon does, making it much more economical to inflate, but the 9" balloon will only float for HALF the amount of time that an 11" balloon does. A good quality Qualatex brand 9" balloon will float for around 6-8 hours looking good, where an 11" balloon with float and look good for at least 12 hours. Both of these times are estimates and vary greatly with the conditions that the balloons are used in. (i.e. sunlight, heat, wind, rain, etc.)

An 11" balloon is recommended for decorating your party, ensuring you enough time to inflate the balloons, decorate, and enjoy your balloons throughout the entire party and beyond. A 9" balloon is recommended for giveaways or where you know the required float time is minimal.

Creativeness on printing your balloons is somewhat limited to quantities you wish to print. 4 lines of stock printing can be printed on quantities of only 100 or more, custom artwork or photographs and well as 2 sided printing require a 500 piece minimum and 2 color printing can only be done in quantities of 2500 or more.

Want to get creative with custom artwork, but don't need 500 balloons for THIS party? Consider designing something that doesn't have a date or isn't specific to a particular event (i.e. rather than "Brandy's 1st Birthday", just print "Brandy's Birthday").... store the unused balloons and use them for a party or event later down the road. Properly stored latex balloons will last 2-3 years!